Monday, October 7, 2013

Simple act of kindness


Today I'm gonna post in English language. Why? Probably some of you are wondering the reason for it. Haha, it's just a sudden change of idea for a little fun. Wahahaha. Big laugh. Ehem, if anybody ever know and met me, they will think I'm very bad at communicating with other individuals. Yayayah, whatever. I know it is not a good habit, but I'm a little contolled in the way I want to be seen, and it is also a medium for me for not thinking nonsense stuff about other people.

The people around me, that I've known relatively loves to compare one person with another. Oh, sometimes I do that too, but as soon as I've become more matured, I try to kick out this bad habits. I feel deep inside me, what's the point for that? I've my own life to handle and rather than think about other simply reckless things, it would've been better for me to do something more of an importance than the mind boggling things about artists, entertainment and music. Yes, I know that this is the modern and real world but I need to take a little time to sort things out. So, if you see I am being a little selfish and not living in the fast lane, then I can say, "Hey, I do have my own life and I don't need to focus on other people's life just to be like you."

Oh, I also dislike people that when they are rude to you out of nowhere. In one case, when I just arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport, a 30 something man, a staff but I'm not really sure his real job (and to be much worse, a Malay guy, the same race as me!) yells "Get out of the way, can't you see me pushing this long line of trolley?" or some sort of this degrading remarks. I can tell that other people looking at us, either in sympathy or in disbelief. What kind of attitude was that? He could say it nicely, but he didn't. I couldn't remember the man face, but if I meet him again, I will yell at him (but not in angry tone, but just to remind him better to acknowledge others rather than thinking you need to be treated nicely when you disrespect other people. Didn't he saw that I was not looking into his directions? I was wondering to myself. Urghh, hate this type of people.

I would really glad if people are kind and nice to each other. It is a real treat if you can get a stranger to smile at you, even he or she never meet you before and probably will never meet you again. The kind of smile is not the wicked kind like a menace or a villain's type of smile haha. It's just a smile that you could see the sincerity in their eyes. If people treat other wonderfully, it will be a better world, don't you think? Treat other people nicely and in turn, we can see that our kind attitude will lighten up their day.

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