Saturday, November 9, 2013

Changing the blog's url

Just a quick update. I have to change my blog url for several reasons. Since I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor, I need to oblige to the terms that the company itself sets. I cannot use their brand name for my convenience, like on my Facebook fan page. Thus being said, I am happy with the new name of my blog,

Why do I choose this name?
I am a fan of this beautiful flower. Obviously. Haha. Ever since I was a kid, I always love this young, fresh flower. My own perfume that I have been using right now is an extract of the cherry blossom.

Any hope for this blog?
Of course, I would like for a lot of people to come and share with me their experience, regarding their unsolved problems about skin care, or if they are not happy about their appearance right now. My mission is to help a lot of people out there, to reach them and advise suggestions for them on how to have a better health and a better self esteem. Forget about what is downgrading our judgement towards ourselves. We must stay strong, be happy and do instill that in order to be that, a better nutrition in our daily lives are just as important to maintain our own happiness. If our body is happy, it will make our mind a better one as well. Just saying. This is my own interpretation of a healthy me, and also to make a healthier you.

Any questions, I would very gladly entertain. For every purchase of Shaklee products from me, a free consultation of life time would be given. I would also give tips on how to maintain the results that all of us seek towards. As my customer, you would also be invited to exclusive groups and I would guide your vitamin's intake.

Thank you.

Your Shaklee Independent Distributor
Nabihah Yunus


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